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Welcome to Zombocom! This is Zombocom!

(hello yes this is the generally rubbish masto instance hello)
Here, you'll find updates on Generally Rubbish projects and content releases as they happen.

Accounts on bbs.generallyrubbish.net are intended to be followed from your Fediverse instance of choice. This is mainly a single user instance and we will not be accepting user signups.


  • No racism, transphobia, homophobia, harassment and general chud behaviour towards accounts on this instance or accounts on other instances. Frequent shithead conduct from multiple users of the same instance will see you defederated until morale improves.
  • Please do not promote your cryptocurrency, NFT, or other bullshit online currency or token.
  • Where possible, please caption your images. This helps Fediverse users who might not have the best vision (or the best internet) to enjoy content to the same extent as everyone else. It can also help provide context for those that need it.
  • No VIbES
  • No bEVIS
  • No bEVIS
  • No VIbES
  • Honestly, just don't be awful and you'll be fine.